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Clay Characters


Animazing create exciting interactive experiences that enable everyone to learn how Television shows and Films are made.

Our extensive collection of memorabilia from classic children's television provide inspiration for our original creations, and form the centrepiece of our annual exhibitions.

Sadly our major exhibtion in 2020, the Animazing Story of Children's Television in Eastbourne, had to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

But we continue to work behind the scenes on exciting new projects and hope to be back soon with some fantastic new experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Who's here

Muffin the Mule, Sooty and Sweep


Some of the earliest characters from children's TV were puppets, like Muffin the Mule and Sooty & Sweep.

Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4


We've recreated the secret Tracy Island runway of Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 filmed under the ocean.


The Hyperdrive

Our huge junk-model space ship was built from recycled parts, complete with working lights and engines.

Wallace and Gromit


From Trumpton, Clangers and Bagpuss to Danger Mouse and Wallace & Gromit.

Things to do

Puppet Studio

Be a Puppetteer

Can you make a string puppet walk, wave or dance? It's not as easy as it looks.

Clay Characters


Create and animate your own character in our easy to use Animation Studio.

View Animations

Make It Studio


Try presenting a live TV show in our fun-themed Make It art studio.

Forced Perspective Table

Giant's Table

Sit down at our giant's table and see how characters are made to look like giants in films like Harry Potter.

Green Screen Winter

Green Screen

Will you walk with dinosaurs, swim with turtles, explore space or take a Flight over Eastbourne in our green screen studio.

Sound Effects Studio

Sound Effects

Explore a huge library of sound effects and create your own in our fun Foley Studio.


Visitors to Animazing 2019

Opening Hours

Sadly the Pavilion exhibition has now closed.

But check out these videos we made during lockdown.

Isabel and Jack Explain the Coronavirus
Isabel and Jack Explain the Coronavirus

Life in Medieval times
Life in Medieval times

Subscribe to our YouTube channel AnimazingTVUK for more fun videos.

What's Coming Up

Enigma Machine

Upcoming Projects


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About Us

Hailsham Animazing Exhibition 2016

Once upon a time...

Animazing founder Paul Young started collecting children's TV memorabilia in 2008 and held the first Animazing exhibition at Gallery North in Hailsham in 2016.

Isabel making the Clangers planet

Team Animazing

We have 3 volunteer board members, Paul Young, Lucy Dean and Jim Byford.

In 2020 we employed our first paid staff, Exhibition Assistants Jenny and Mary.

Paul manages Animazing on a day-to-basis, and the family are always keen to get involved.


Devonshire West Big Local

Devonshire West Big Local have funded our exhibitions from 2017-2020 with money from the National Lottery.

Eastbourne Borough Council

Eastbourne Borough Council provided the exhibition space at The Pavilion Cafe for free in 2019-2020.